The Day – CARES Act failed to help small business

Mr. President, Speaker Pelosi, and all of our representatives and senators representing Connecticut in Washington who voted for passage of the Paycheck Protection/CARES Act, you are morally corrupt.

You tout your good works to help small businesses in this time of need, yet you construct and sign into law funding that provided tens of millions of dollars to billion-dollar companies at the expense of small businesses. Marriott, Ritz-Carlton, and other hoteliers are recipients of huge chunks of the money intended for the small businesses. McDonald’s, and a cadre of lobbyists are sucking the life out of millions of us who employ half of the people in this country.

We cannot afford lobbyists to grease your palms, and write the statutes that bailout your well-heeled constituents. If you wanted to bailout the hospitality and fast-food industry, the airlines and the rest of the corporations on the dole, then make a law to do that, not hide your intent under the guise of helping small business.

Mike Westkamper

Small-business owner




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