Job market remains grim even as U.S. tentatively reopens | National News

In most industries, employees are working more hours than in mid-April, the peak of the virus-related shutdowns nationwide. Data from Kronos, a workforce management software company, shows that shifts worked at its 30,000 client firms are up 16% since then but still down 25% from pre-virus levels.

Even in states that have been reopened the longest, like Georgia, not enough shoppers are visiting stores and restaurants to support significant rehiring, said David Gilbertson, an executive at Kronos.

“Our data is suggesting this recovery is going to take a while,” Gilbertson said.

Jimmy Page, a small business owner in San Diego, is a bit more optimistic now than he was two months ago. Page, who owns a digital marketing company, Inseev Interactive, has added back five of the 12 employees he laid off when the coronavirus hit. A loan from the government’s small business lending program helped, he said.

Revenue has slightly increased this month, Page said, compared with April, a faster rebound than he expected. If he can get his company’s sales back to pre-virus targets by fall or winter, he may look to hire more.

“The reality is that it has stabilized,” Page said. “It seems everything is going in the right direction.”

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