Midland Floods Leave Sanford Businesses Devastated

After the Edenville Dam failed on Tuesday, a catastrophic flash flood swept through parts of Midland County.

Sanford was one of the places hit hard by the flood.

Businesses are left in ruins and today, owners left pick up the aftermath.

At Sanford Hardware, lawn equipment and tools are scattered throughout the store and on the street.

Denny Sian, owner of the Sanford Hardware, says “You can see we’ve got the best, best customers in the world, look at them, they’re coming to help us, my family. It’s just hard to believe, how good of customers. We knew we had good customers but look at them, they’re amazing.”

Sian, who’s own the Sanford Hardware for 20 years, says he’s unsure of what the next step for his store will be.

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