Newcastle keeper Elliot: Players’ futures could change drastically

Newcastle United goalkeeper Rob Elliot admits the players face big changes once the club is sold.

The players, who returned to training at Benton in small groups with social distancing this week, are none the wiser as Elliot reiterated in an Instagram live Q&A with The One Glove.

“I’ve had this question so many times. I’m really sorry guys but we literally don’t hear anything,” the goalkeeper said. “That’s not a cop out or anything like that. It’s just because as players you are there to play football and the last thing clubs wants are any distractions.

“Our futures could change drastically if new owners [come in]. When new managers come in, it’s the same thing. I would love to be able to tell people something but I don’t know, myself. Ninety per cent of the time, we find out from Sky Sports News like everyone else.

“The guy at the training ground who does all the transfers will turn up one day in the off season and say, ‘Oh, we’ve signed someone’. ‘Who is it?’ and then he will be like, ‘It’s on Sky News’ and then you will be like, ‘Brilliant!’ and they walk in the building five minutes later. Somehow, the news outlets get everything before us so no joy on that one I’m afraid.”

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