Verso lays off local employees: Dayton Business

Verso Corp. is laying off 59 workers at its Miami Twp. headquarters, the papermaker reported to Ohio government.

Ohio just made public a May 15 letter to the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services reporting the layoffs at the company’s 8540 Gander Creek Drive headquarters.

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The letter from Kenneth Sawyer, a senior vice president at Verso, said 22 employees were laid off in April and that an additional 37 employees will be laid off.

Citing the COVID-19 pandemic, Sawyer said: “These sudden and unexpected circumstances adversely affected our business operations and unfortunately prevented from providing notice sooner.”

On Friday the state reported a 16.8%, the highest since the state’s current record keeping system was developed almost a half-century ago.

Before the pandemic, Verso had 200 local workers and more than 4,000 nationwide. After navigating Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2016, Verso restructured its debt and moved its headquarters from Memphis, Tenn. to Miami Twp.