The Latest: Missouri tops 100,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases | Business News

The Department for Health and Social Care show a daily increase of 3,497 new cases, slightly down from Friday’s figure of 3,539, which was the highest since May 17.

The daily cases reported are more than double those a week or two back, a change that has stoked concerns of a second wave of the virus in the country. The U.K. has recorded more than 41,600 virus-related deaths, Europe’s highest.

The British government says social gatherings in England will be limited to six people indoors and outdoors and rule-breakers will face fines starting Monday.

ROME — Italy added another 1,501 coronavirus cases to its official count.

The Health Ministry says another six people died in the past day, bringing Italy’s official death toll to 35,603.

Infections have been steadily increasing for the past six weeks, mostly among Italians returning from vacation. While many infected are asymptomatic, the number of people in the ICU went from 121 to 182 in the past week.

Public health officials indicated in their weekly report the health care system hasn’t been overwhelmed, but “the observed tendency might soon reflect greater strain.”

LONDON — Oxford University says trials of a coronavirus vaccine its developing with pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca will resume, days after pausing due to a reported side effect in a patient in Britain.

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